Food has always been a link between generations and has helped hand down the customs. The gastronomic offer of Bistrica's restaurants is varied and adjusted to different types of guests - from those who wish to taste original, traditional food to those who want the atmosphere of a top-quality restaurant and a high-quality service with specialties innovatively interpreted from the traditional Zagorje cooking. For younger guests with adventurous spirit there are pizzerias, smaller local restaurants which offer simple meals of Zagorje and other types of cooking. Culinary specialties of Marija Bistrica are a real delicacy and include traditional meals of Zagorje region. Well-positioned vineyards, bathed in warm sun and unselfishly and lovingly tended for by winegrowers yield top-quality crop which makes excellent grapes. In Marija Bistrica you can also taste wines with a protected mark of geographic origin and they are all quality wines.